Raffle Balls

Raffle Balls –1.5" Diameter White Raffle Balls in Sets Numbered 0-9, 1-90, 1-250, or 1-500

Our Raffle Ball Sets are perfect for raffles, drawings, reverse lotteries, and more. The Raffle Ball Sets feature White Raffle Balls with black numbers. Four Raffle Balls Sets are available, with the Raffle Balls numbered 0-9 (the 0-9 balls are also known as lottery balls), 1-90 (ten-sided), 1-100, 1-250, or 1-500.

Our Raffle Balls feature the given raffle number printed six times on each Raffle Ball (the 90 number balls are ten-sided). The raffle number is printed on the "top," "bottom," "right side," "left side," "front", and "back" of each Raffle Ball.

These Raffle Balls are casino-grade. Each Raffle Ball measures 1.5 inches in diameter (the Raffle Balls are the same size as standard ping pong balls) and features a special coating over the printed black numbers.

White Raffle Balls with Black Numbers
Numbered Raffle Ball Sets

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