Double Roll Raffle Tickets

Double Roll Raffle Tickets – 2" x 1" Two-Part Raffle Tickets in Many Colors

These classic, Double Roll Raffle Tickets come in rolls of 2,000 consecutively numbered tickets.  The Double Rolls of Raffle Tickets feature two-part tickets with matching numbers on each ticket half. 

Our Double Raffle Tickets have “Ticket” on one part and “Keep This Coupon” on the other part (see the Two-Part Raffle Ticket pictured below).  Each Raffle Ticket measures two inches long by one inch high.

Our Double Roll Numbered Raffle Tickets are perfect for raffles, auctions, company outings, fairs, and other events.  The Raffle Tickets are available in the following colors: blue, green, magenta, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. 

Double Roll Raffle Tickets
Double Roll Raffle Tickets
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We also offer Custom-Printed Double Roll Raffle Tickets, which available with any design and copy you choose (8 roll / 16,000 ticket minimum).

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